Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Bathroom Stage One: Plan it, yo.

Trying to come up with some bafroom ideas now that the holidays are behind us... Found this great looking room on Design Sponge, and really want to know where they got this tile! I think we could use it on the walls of the shower, and would go along nicely with this here tile below.

Julie's loved this fabrique tile from daltile for a long time. Then our friends got it put in one of their bathrooms, so now we are copycats. I'm okay with that. We've copycatted those cats before...

Also just ran down to the Salado Sawmill and picked up some super awesome Sweet Gum wood. Guess ole Bob is retiring, and he told me that we must be the only two people who like sweet gum, since he can't seem to get rid of it... I say if it's good enough for the rad German company Miele Die Kuche, it should be good enough to go in our tiny master bathroom.

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