Thursday, January 21, 2010

Thangs of Wood that Normally Ain't

During the blustery cold nastiness, the pendant lamp workshop moved into the living room momentarily. If someone needs them a lamp, they ain't caring if it's wicked cold outside and the garage hasn't any heat.

Also got to take the new vacuum press for a trial run, and it bends some veneer like a champ, and all I have to do is sit back and watch.

Also, I got this supercool ashwood record player for my bday in spirit from my friend deanna. I got it in spirit, b/c the 1300 dollar price tag is something I'm definitely not worth in real life. In Spirit Life, I own rare wooden records to play on this bad boy. Back in real life I got the mono box set of the beatles from my awesome wife for my birthday. Though I'm deeper into decrepity, it's good to know that the fab four will always be older.. and more decrepity.


Anonymous said...

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CK said...

if anyone knows how to keep spam like these comments off my blog, please help a baldy out yo! i don't want cialis, i just want you to leave me alone!

Anonymous said...

BTW, try GSM jammer to jam all secret devices in your room or office.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Chad said...

seriously, this spam stuff is gonna make me wrap it up. i need to squash it but how? it's currently winning.

Ryan said...

Don't know how to help you with your Spam problem. Sorry, yo. But I just wanna say that (--and pardon for the lengthy exposition--): 1. I took my son for a walk today at Pease Park. 2. I read the monument about the Peases, General Custer, etc. 3. This got me wondering about the Pease family. 4. Later, reading an article about the Governor's Mansion Renovation, and found the dude who's been contracted to do the Gov. Manse also worked on the Pease Home Renovation. 5. I searched the Pease Mansion, found your blog from an image search, and immediately became a fan of your blog.

Dig the works you have on Etsy.

Unfortunately, my wife doesn't dig mid-century.

But we have friends who are--I'll point them your direction.

Chad said...

Thanks Ryan, you brought me back around. I was just at Pease yesterday with my daughter... glad you get nerded out about that austin history like i do. Send those mid century friends of yours my way!

Deanna... said...

this cracked me up!! Glad you liked my gift :)

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