Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Still Mod After All These Years

Been meaning to blather about a sweet anniversary weekend that I had with my wife a few weeks back. By sweet I mean "sweet" and "sweet". We kept our activities on the mod tip as it turned out.

We stayed one nite at the Kimber Modern, tucked away behind the Continental Club, and basically across the street from the San Jose. The place was great- filled with custom made this and that mixed with fancy designer chairs, lights, and decor. We sat in egg chairs whilst not being able to do the NY Times crossword, and drinking complimentary wine.

Then we headed off to check out the Kirk Gallery for the first time. It RULES. The woman working there was wicked friendly, and they carried this great line of furniture made in Mexico City all outta plywood. The company is Pirwi. Check it if you like rad.

They also carried a variety of goodies I've only seen on the 'net, and not in real life... like this here planter I done talked about a year and a half ago. This stuff KILLS me. So awesome.

We topped off the evening with a late night dinner at Olivia, nestled next to the porno shop and taxidermist. After stuffing grandma and picking up a Jugs mag, we popped in for some delightful fare of Texas grown delights. Not a bad way to celebrate 12 years of wedded bliss.


deanna said...

you are so freakin' funny! Happy Anniversary to you and Julie! Y'all are completely awesome.

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