Monday, August 10, 2009

Sheds in my Head

Though I'm currently unemployed (take it back- my employer is a 9 month old, but the pay is lousy) I can't stop thinking about how awesome it'd be to have a boatload o cash dropped off at the front door so we could add on to our house... or at least replace a falling apart garage with a cool shed for storing stuff/office/place for peep to stay (maybe I need 3 sheds). I'm obsessed with looking at em these days. The MD100 above I read about in Readymade magazine, and seems like not TOO much work to put together, and looks great done. I read somewhere the cost would be about 1500- 2000 smakkas.

The Modern Shed I've read about for a long time, and might have first gotten me on the kick. Quite a bit mo pricey, and still get shipped flat, so I'll order my extra back muscles at the same time.

The Craftsman Shed is run by a local Austin dood, so putting it together happens by him as I sip a martini and complain about the heat. It only takes him a week or two to put up, and I like that he has a real good breakdown of pricing options/add ons.

I saw this shed by Joseph Sandy whilst boppin around Door Sixteen's flickr account. It's made of recycled redwood fencing, and sounds like he's gonna start selling em sometime later this month. Could I make something like that? Prolly... not. Maybe in some years from now? Who is offering a "Learn to Make Yer Own Kewl Shed" class? I need to graduate with a Master's minimum.

1 comment:

Annie said...

I love the idea of sheds, sort of compound living. So much more civilized than having to sleep or work within earshot of others.

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