Saturday, August 22, 2009

Mold in the Bag

Bald Breath been trying to make something new in wood world, but babies, bugs and plumbing disasters been holding him back. But finally, lucky me got to get out in the 103 degree heat today to bang out something new. I created a new little mold and routed out 12 pieces of MDF to glue together.

I'm becoming a total router pro these days, and did em pretty fast.

Here's the mold all glued up and sanded down. I'm prepped to bend some new thick veneer over the top of this, and slip it in my vacuum bag. I knew widthwise this little devil would fit in the bag, but upon trying to do so, the height became an issue, and twas too tight. I had to hack off a couple of beautifully routed pieces which broke my cold heart.

Here's my wood sitting pretty over the mold and in the bag. Thinking about sawing it up, drilling some holes, dropping some test toobs in, and making a little froo froo multi bud vase type number. If that sounds hazy it's because it is. Deets to come. Looking to sell something on ye olde etsy site that doesn't break the bank to make and ship. Anyhoo, back outside to clean up my mess... Sure it's gone up a degree or two by now.

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