Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Manly Wednesdays- Sweaty, Hairy and Fat

Got a friend- only one- at the workplace. Julie and I call him Brooklyn. He moved from NYC with his family, and goes on about how rad this Russian Bath House was back in New Yawk.

They got a variety of rooms, like this here redwood sauna, for those to sit around, letting it all hang out and get their sweat on.

After a hot sweat, there are these ice cold pools to jump in, and send your body into cardiac arrest.

If you go big, you can get beat with a Platza Oak Leaf.. they call it a “brushing” on the site, but Brooklyn says they beat the crap out of you with the leaves. This brah even had his bachelor party there… guess they walk serving ice cold vodka too. As an awesome side note, the two owners (one named Boris) don’t speak to each other, so they post who works which day, in case you are more of a David fan than a Boris fan (as if). Doubt Austin is getting a Russian Bath House anytime soon, but it does sound pretty boss. Saunas come free of charge here about 9 months out of the year.

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