Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Toolin' Round

Now that I’ve truly manned up by having a power tool in my garage, and sawdust on the floor, today’s man post is tool related.

I’m not sure how smart it is to drink beer and hammer, but may I present the Bottle Opener Hammer. I won’t lie that the beer fridge is located in the garage as well.

Did you see No Country for Old Men? Dudes have to unscrew air vents with dimes. Well, pick these pocket screwdrivers up, and you’ll have that air vent off before the bad guy can get to the stash you are hiding up in thar.

And since dudes don’t have purses, and have to put everything in their pockets (see above), the bottle opener key is a necessity when you aren’t in your garage hammering something.

After you’ve opened more beer bottles than hammered nails, make sure the wife takes over… pick her up some tools for ladies. More ergonomic and sensual than your rusty old stuff, but DO NOT be tempted to use them, or next you’ll be bathing with Oil of Olay.

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