Thursday, December 20, 2007

Light that Started it All

It was back in April, when I was reading the PrairieMod blog, that I saw this light. I couldn’t stop looking at it, and thought, “I want to totally rip that off. I shall make that light someday.” I’ll try to put a spin on it, but I don’t even comprehend it totally, so it’s hard to put a spin on something that’s way over my head… my spin will be, “make this… but way simpler.” I don’t even know how to link up all those light bulbs really. It was made by this guy named Frank Lloyd Wright. Heard of him? Guess his woodworking skills are a tad more advanced than mine. The home that housed these lights (floor to ceiling style columns of lights) was owned by Don Erickson, a former student of Wright’s. When he passed away, the house went up for sale. If I had 4.2 million to blow, I could have looked at those lights in person every day.

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