Friday, December 7, 2007


This is a pretty nice looking chair. It’s the Vladimir Kagan Contour Chair, from 1953. On sale now for the low low price of $15,000.00. Do people buy chairs for that much money? Who are those people, and why won’t they let me do their bidding for them? I’ll take a wee cut. That’s all I’d need if they are buying chairs for 15k.

We bought two of these Poul Jensen designed Selig Z Chairs off ebay. Built in Demark. Sometime in the 50s. No leather… but if 15, 000 bucks were a lake, we bought these two chairs for a teardrop. They are beautiful and similar to this Contour chair… and they are a two, and not a one. Off the top of my head, I can think of eight new and new-to-us household items we bought off ebay after we bought our house… including our vent hood over our island cooktop. For rell.

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Danger said...

nice blog and pad! I was curious on your Z chair find. How much are these chairs worth? I'm interested in acquiring one, but don't really want to get ripped off on eBay.

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