Monday, September 21, 2009

Big Foot Lamps

Doods, I can't even tell you about my current life of baby chasing. It's bogged down the bloggin hardcore. On the off chance that I get one spare minute, I've been building this toybox/record cabinet contraption, so anyhoo... Here's a post all the same! By this rad company called Kozo Lamp.

These characters has gone bonkers in the plumbing supply aisle, and created these super cool lamps. They almost look like little robot aliens designed to help you study/read/clip yer toenails in the dark. I just put up a support on our drain pipe curtain rods. Also, Apartment Therapy just rambled about the cool stuff smacked together with such piping. The baby calleth. Stay tuned for this wild first attempt at toybox making. For seriously cool/funny commentary on such a world, go read Mod Mom. That Edward Cullen post kills me every time I read it.


Cheryl said...

Welcome back. Missed you! Mod Mom has your sense of humor. You're both a hoot!

Mod Mom Furniture said...

Thanks for the Mod Mom/Edward Cullen plug. (I figure if I write the names together like that enough, at some point, Robert Pattinson will find me linked to him on the internet and he'll come visit me in my garage.) Until then, I have cardboard Edward.

LOVE your toy box!! You're insanely talented, ya know.

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