Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Bookin It, Baldy Style

You're not gonna believe this one, since I'm still not really believing it myself. So Design*Sponge is going to put out a book next year. I got an email asking if I would like to put my filing cabinet planter in it. Crazy! Sure! New pictures are being taken, and your favorite new read of the 2010 Holiday Season will be put out by Artisan Books. If this guy is going to be 400+ pages, I can only assume the planter will have a minimum of 100 pages of coverage... that is if Artisan wants to sell a quazillion copies. As if you hadn't seen enough of this yellow attention hog, here's a new shot with some new plants, as others decided they'd prefer death to living in a filing cabinet.


Mom said...

Do I get an autographed copy? You're just gettin' too big for your britches! XOXO

Quilting in My Pyjamas said...


I found your filing cabinet planter post about a month ago and have been keeping my eyes peeled for filing cabinets so I can do my own. It's just such a freaking awesome idea!

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