Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Baldy's First Lay Off

Welp (as Ma would say)... I finally got the boot from my job. Made it through the first couple rounds of lay offs, but the rest of us left were told we could stick around... we just won't get paid. That's cool. Guess there's plenty around the house to do these days, and if I'm not getting paid, I'd rather have my wife as my boss. She's got long legs and carrying my child as well, so it's not a bad trade off.

Got this monster to take care of. This is the current state of the future baby zone. It's a catastrophe. The upside? Lots of built-ins for storage. The downside? Behind every door (except that top corner spot) one will find boxes and boxes of unsold Licorice Tree merch. So lots of figuring out to do. And I'm going to wicked up the doors of these built-ins (see below).

I mahoganied up some of the doors, and I think they look pretty nice. Thinking about doing the tall doors in a light maple veneer too, but that would qualify as a "purchase-post-layoff", and maple veneer isn't at the top of the list of absolute must haves. Probably located in closer proximity to "let's get Rock Band" on that list than, "we need some bread".

We also got this Amy Coe crib delivered last week... Babies R Us said we were the first to buy one at their location. I'm chalking that up with buying the first kitchen from the Round Rock Ikea location. Anyway, the crib is not in this state currently. It's in a giant flat box, about 900 lbs, and in a room that's NOT the baby room. I'll keep busy. And I AM looking for another job. Mostly doing that actually... with the help of some fab friends and fab dads of friends. Also updated my portfolio with some CAD stuff I've done. Carbonmade is currently winning my Carbonmade Vs Behance head to head portfolio-off. Need a Bald Man? They come cheap.


Rich Ard said...

Hope you find something - would hate to see the mod blog disappear. Maybe if you send me a sputnik lamp i can pull some strings?...

Seriously though, if we can scrounge the coin, we'll help out by picking up a mod table, handcrafted. Keep up the good work.

CK said...

Thanks man, them's some kind words. Got stuff in the works that'll slay that ole job anyway.

Anonymous said...

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Good luck with your job search.

-- Leslie

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