Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Semi Manly, More-of-a-house-Appreciation Wednesday

Man, another rad house is up for sale around the corner from our place…

I’ve always wondered what the inside of this place was like, and now I get to see some pics, which is pretty cool. Cooler if someone I knew had 800k to blow on it.

Guess the person living there is a designer, and tricked out the house. Might said person need assistance?

Also, it appears these cats had a garage sale last weekend whilst we were out of town… oy! I’d like to even root around inside that garage!!

Dang! It’s Manly Wednesday… how does a baldman win a swim date with this Olympian?

1 comment:

Things I Cook and Bake said...

Only $800,000? Maybe it'll still be available when we move back from Houston?

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