Wednesday, August 6, 2008

MANsionaly Wednesday

I drive by the Pease Mansion on my way home almost every day. It’s a giant mansion that looks kinda like the white house, and was built by Abner Cook in 1853 (who also built the recently vandalized governor’s mansion).

In 2002, Jeff Sandefer bought Pease Mansion for some amount over the $3.05 million the state of Texas was asking for it.

I’ve always wanted to know what the inside of the place looked like, and as luck would have it, our friend Lisa, (as seen sitting in aforementioned rad rocking chair) is going to start working for this interior designer, Mark Ashby, who was chosen as the interior designer for this joint.

BOOM! Pics!!! Via Traditional Home magazine. They updated the place, whilst placing some nice antiques from days of yore throughout the mansion. Ready for that soiree the Sandefers gonna have, who will invite this Mark chap, who will invite a couple staff members, and that one KEY staff member gonna bring her friend the baldman. Pass the pâté!


Christiane said...

OOOOOOOoooooooooooooo, you're going to be hob-nobbing with Old Money!!! Fun!!!

CK said...

Well, that's actually a pipe dream! Old Money and I don't have much of a relationship. We'd LOVE to build it though... LISA.

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