Tuesday, September 9, 2008

When One Door Closes... Oh lord.

Mon, sorry bout the title, but you know... It's way too wickedly fitting. So Baldy got laid off... from a job he wasn't that jazzed about to begin with. THEN, this fantastic thing happens, and Wham Bam, Thank You Christiane (and David), Crestview Doors hires me to work full time! We'd been talking about me doing some fun part time drawing stuff, but now it's all full time fun. Building bitchin doors! Like these here... Anyhoo, if you don't know about these characters, you're welcome for introducing you to the coolest front doors you'll ever peep through. And they will ship to your doorstep. Oh, you gotta door? First of all, it ain't all that, and secondly, they are rolling out these awesome DIY style doorlite kits, so you can slap in your own windows wherever you see fit. Maybe yer pooch needs his own view slot? Done. So yeah... things are picking up in Baldsville.


Mod Mom Furniture said...

That's fantastic! So glad to hear better things are happening. Between the hubby and I, we've been laid-off 4 times. I'm thrilled about you working for that cool door company!

i-heart-(fill in the blank) said...

it's so cool how things lined up for you. this is so up your alley its kind of crazy!! good things happen to good people, right? :)

CK said...

you guys are really kind... thanks a bunch- i'm really excited about it too! Mod Mom, happy 63rd!

Mom said...

Christiane and David will be thanking YOU in no time when they realize how fortunate they are to have such an ethical, hard working, creative and devoted employee. Not just lucky you...lucky them too! In honor of the good fortune of all, here is a little diddy...
I know that you'll adore
The creation of each door.
It will thrill you to the core
As each aspect you explore.
But Mom is going to implore
Don't leave fingers on the floor
When you're sawing on a door
Cuz five is better than just four.

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