Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Scratch em...

So check it. Wednesdays are going to be for the doods and bros. Hump day mon. Today it’s about the walls. We have this hallway that needs wallpaper. Here are options that my wife thinks are fun, but probably will never fly. I won’t give up hope though. First is this sticker from Dvider. We talked about getting this a year ago, and putting a picture in the square. A nice sweet picture of grandma has found its new home.

How’s about revolver wallpaper? Maybe not tough enough. Needs to be like… Tommy guns or something.

These guys at Flavor Paper are no holds barred. Scratch and Sniff wallpaper? Hells yeah.

The same fine Flavor Paper folks really set the bar high. Thigh high. Which is my pick of picks. I’m considering wallpapering the entire house with this, including the outside, windows, roof, and lawn. I’ll get on that the weekend Julie’s out of town.

1 comment:

Cheryl said...

I love that you want to wallpaper your hallway with my legs. I didn't know you had so many versions of them...framed, in thigh highs, etc. I know that's why you yearn for this particular art deco. And here I thought you only had photos of these limbs! By the way, the scratch and sniff bananas are a nice touch, too.

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