Friday, November 16, 2007

If I were King...

Here’s what I like. Big ole castles. There’s one in our neighborhood, weirdly… Pemberton Castle, but that’s another story. Today I was tooling around the web, and on the Day Lab DIY blog today, Amy (meow) was gabbing about this Carleton Villa that’s up for sale.

Now not only do I want to live in a castle, but I want to live on an island. Preferably one inhabited only by those I invite… otherwise, I take them out with a couple rounds of cannonballs.

The Carleton Villa isn’t EXACTLY a castle, but it’ll do. So upsides: on an island, tons of land (6.97 acres), really really rad, and only $495,000. I mean, houses in our neighborhood are selling for more than that, and none of them have 3 water frontages.

Only one downside really… besides it not being in Austin Texas: it was going to be razed in the 1930s, and hasn’t really been getting much attention in the restoration department since then. The General Electric Corporation owned it during WWII, and were letting any old numbskull come take what he wanted, since they were dismantling it themselves anyway.

William Wyckoff cashed in on the Remington Typewriter boom, and snagged the very first student of architecture to graduate from Cornell University, William Henry Miller, to whip up this summer home. Crazy.

I need to jump on this fast, b/c it could be turned into a club possibly. Sounds horrible. I thought our house needed some fixing up when we bought it. I’d better move onto “Woodworking 102” ASAP… followed by the “Got a Castle Fixer-Upper?” series. Maybe they have books on tape?

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