Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Local Woodman from the A-T-X

Julie and I ran down to the East Austin Studio Tour this past weekend wit a group o pals. It was pretty okay… the highlight for me personally was talking to one Brian David Johnson. Not only does the brah bang out woody delights you can buy at IF+D for thousands of dollars, or sit upon if you need a bench at Whole Foods, but he was super friendly AND informative! I think I have my “how to bend wood??” question answered thanks to this man. Though he didn’t offer me to hang out with him to learn his masterful ways and pay me a grand a day for the learning, he was still inspirational. That’s his Yama coffee table in the pic. Available in walnut or cherry. Oh dang… is it Wednesday? I was supposed to put up something stupid and man-ish right? I’m sick and thrown off by my days, and Thanksgiving and the like. Well, sorry. Here’s to hoping Fish Assholes on a Tuesday make up for my lack of thought on a Wednesday. CLINK!

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