Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Manly Wednesday: Mocktoberfest

Man, here's the thing of it... first of all, who does Scarlett Johansson think she is getting married at 23?!? I mean, I know I'm older than Woody Allen practically (and married), but... I love beaches, balls, cherries, looking at the sun... c'mon Scarlett!!!!! You've broken my bald heart.

Tonight is Oct 22nd... not only is it my good friend Allen's b-day, but it's also one day LESS than a month from our bebe's due date. Come Nov 21st, Bald Man Mod Dad takes full effect. Tonight I had this sad solo Octoberfest meal involving grilled chili cheese dogs, bbq chips, and a hearty Fat Tire beer. I says to myself I says, "Self, maybe next year, you'll be in Berlin for Oktoberfest!", and self says to me back he says, "Fat chance, fat tire fat sucka... have a double dose of those chips and call it a year... on second thought... I think you've had enough chips."

So I drag my fat, bald, Scarlettless body into the soon-to-be nursery, and put some final touches on this chest o drawers I've been workin on... It used to be mine growing up, and before that was my uncle's growing up in the 50s. Actually his daughter just had a baby on Friday. She's 6 years younger than I. I'm not sure what all this means, but I'm off to buy a Trans Am with T tops tomorrow.


divya said...

scarlett shmarlett.

Jennifer said...

that dinner looks like the opposite of sad. happily delicious.

Mom said...

Hey there, sweetheart. I began drooling when I saw those chili cheese dogs and bbq chips! Your mama fed you right growin' up and it warms her heart to see that you still know what's good! Where were those last weekend??? Lovin' the chest of you have just one red knob and all the rest white or are my chilidog eyes playing tricks on me? As for Scarlet--Frankly my dear, I don't give a damn...and neither should you!

Lisa said...

A. That chili cheese dog looks freak'n amazing.
B. That bebe's room is really coming along. Claire is going to be sleeping in style!
C. Don't know but I'll get back to you later.

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