Sunday, November 9, 2008

OLD/NEW Door, Part One

Bruthas and Sistahs! Baldman is back, and in full force.

Over the weekend, I slid back into the Crestview Doors wacky workshop to bust out my own set of door lite kits.

If'n you are in the market for a wicked new door, but feel like, you know... you HAVE a pretty good door, and just need to jazz it up a bit, THIS might be your answer. It's a fun filled day of DIYness that, honestly, those boss neighbors of yours were doing in the 50s probably every weekend. Just get some windows, cut some holes in your door, and put em in!

If you are lucky... and if you beg and plead... the baldman can make yours for you personally. Maybe I'll work up some sort of bald stamp to put on it... maybe my face across your window.

The stuff looks pretty sweet. By "stuff" I mean my face. Check back for the finished product. Check back say... tomorrow.

1 comment:

Jennifer said...

those look like regular old spectacles, not safety glasses. as a soon-to-be daddy i need you to be more cautious.

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