Thursday, July 1, 2010

Pools, Wood Books and MORE POOLS!

It's summer yo. Tons to do, but I've made a pact with Claire that we are hitting every public pool in the city of Austin this summer. That may/may not be a diseasey disaster waiting to happen, but life is to be lived, right? Yeast, be damned! I originally thought there were 19ish pools to hit throughout the city, but I just checked, and it's more like... 40ish!! Best we get started! So far we've only attended one Splash Pad near our house (which ruled), and ma'n'pa's backyard pool, which does not count. Also going to go to some fancy FOR-HOMEOWNERS-ONLY pool next week, which i ALSO don't count, but the little lady and I will happily be snuck in. It's a wet wet wet wet world out there, and we are here to get sogged.

In other news, I've been tentatively asked to participate in a book about chumps making crud out of plywood. We shall see if it comes to fruition, but it sounds good. Stay tuned for more exciting news regarding wet diapers and wood books!

1 comment:

Cheryl said...

Congratulations about the book! Someone knows quality and creativity when they see it! As for the pools, I suggest you consider turning those 40ish pools into 40ish days of playing in the rain. You might have better success! Congrats, again. I hope it all pans out. Cheryl

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