Thursday, July 15, 2010

Bathroom Chronicles: Cabinets. Thine Last Enstallment

So I had me this wild notion that if I started with some veneer and some MDF, I could make bathroom cabinets.

Boo to the Yah. I had to include some white paint and hinges, but besides that, and some basic math, it came to fruition. I went ahead and put some veneer on the edges of the cabinets as well, in case my doors didn't line up, they could act as a mistake eraser and make the cabinets a bit more pro.

Luckily, the doors worked out, and nothing came crashing down when we loaded them up with our titanium weight towels, and my wide array of hair product.

I also did some book matching with the veneer which turned out looking purty good.

After removing Julie's bathing suit from the shower walls, the green tape from around the window, and making the messy bed seen in the mirror's reflection, I took this shot. Photography is hard work, yo. Currently looking for a maid with a keen eye.


Cheryl said...

Oh my gosh. Are you a magician, cuz what you make is magic!!

Miles + Aimee said...


thanks! :)

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