Monday, March 1, 2010

Razor Blades- Revealed/Concealed

I saw Lisa's comment on the last post, and thought I'd share what I got to see down inside my wall... My razor blade dreams have all come true! Now for the house of slots! As a side note, all razors found inside the wall behind our old medicine cabinet were preserved in the exact place they were found. Drywall has been cut and pasted over the hole where the cabinet used to be, so come another 60 years I can only hope that someone knows what the hay is going on when they run across this dangerously sharp time capsule.

In related razor blade news, there's this awesome etsy shop run by a lady here in Austin called Fetosoap. Check out these soaps. I should have donated our wall treasures to her!

1 comment:

Lisa said...


So cool that you kept the blades where you found them for a future homeowner to find, much better than a jar of suppositories!

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