Friday, March 26, 2010

Bathroom Chronicles, Part Three: Shower Tiling Complete

Yo's, sorry for the delay... you see, tiling takes years sometimes. See that hole? 2.5 hours of drilling to get that. No lie. That's 30 minutes of straight drilling, til the drill battery dies, then repeat another 4 times. INSANE.

Luckily, Pa is a master measurer, and the hole lined up with the shower head pipe perfectly. If it didn't, I was going to sell the house As Is, and move as far away from that Tile Hole as possible. Who needs a shower handle and shower head on the same wall? Not this tiler.

Done grouted, caulked and ready for the EFFIN CONTRACTOR TO SHOW BACK UP TO FINISH HIS PART OF THE DEAL! Seen the bro for 2 hours the past three weeks. Said he'd send his son over this morning to do some work. It's almost 2pm, so he must have been in a bad car accident, I'm guessing. I'm currently boxing up a horse's head, and having it hand delivered to a certain good-for-nothin wasterofmytime.

30 dollar tile saws bought off craigslist do the trick... Especially if the trick is to go from clean to covered head to toe in tile dust within 5 minutes.

The upside to the contractor downside is South By Southwest rolled through town. We saw some rock. Julie and I ended it with Thee Oh Sees, who played within 12 inches of our barstool at beerland. Luckily, we kept all arm movements to a minimum, so we don't have broken hands from wailing drumsticks- I guess stages ain't their bag. This was shot a few days before the show we were at. It was similar, except this show has people dancing on the ceiling.


Mom said...

Who is that masked-in-dust man behind the glasses? Is is anyone I know?? Whoever he is, I want him to tell my son that the friggin contractor is unnecessary and not worthy of any more of his money. Who needs him when I have a kid and his dad who can do this kind of impressive work? I ask you? I mean it?. Answer me. Did you get to shower off the tile dust before getting so up close and personal with the wild and crazy band?? If not, at least they won't recognize you next time they see you! XOXOX Mom

DPKent said...

Very swank. Nice job guys.

Deanna... said...

Love how the bathroom is turnin out! Nice job.
Video was cool. Noticed the "d-bag" tag on this post. ;)

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