Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Industrial Designin & Porch Sittin

I got me a sweet email from Oscar over at the Behance Network saying that my pendant lamp is on their Industrial Design Served site they developed, "to further showcase the best projects in the Behance Network, within specific industries." Hi there. Chad Kelly- Industrial Designer. Anyway, my lamp is easin' its way down the list as fellow industrial designers git recognized.

In some much needed nonlamp news, Julie and I picked up these swank new chairs for our bare front porch.

We went to Ikea to get some sweet solar lights for the new landscaping but they are sold out and don't show signs of getting any in, SOOOOOOO... in order to not lose my mind for driving way out there on mother's day for not, we hit the "As Is" section, and saw these Ostero Chairs that appeared too good lookin to be there. We asked, "what the hay with these chairs?" and were told they were floor models and are marked down 30%.

Nowadays, I get to sit out on the front porch after a nice morning walk with Claire and Chester, and wave at the cute college girls as they go by, who are smiling in my general direction... I'm assuming it's because of my ripped body glistening in the sunlight, and not the cute baby in my lap or the sweet dog at my feet.


Annie said...

Congratulations on the most recent recognition of your pendant lamp.

Deanna said...

Awesome news about your lamp!! :)
I be likin' those chairs a lot too!!

mom said...

The more recognition you get on the lamps, the more likely you are to become baldmanlampman. Those chairs are lookin' stylish and comfy. In fact, they look just right for "my long term" in many years to come! XOXOXO

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