Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Bald Man Modscape

Bald Man Mod Pad and landscaping during le renovation:

Le Pad now:

Been trying to fix this landscaping nightmare before the neighbors call the Yard Patrol on my ass. We don't have a legit Yard Patrol, but I could be shamed to death with neighborly dagger stares. Tossing around the idea of making two concrete planter boxes to go on either side of that sidewalk in the front there. MAY be too large of an undertaking? We'll see.

Here's one side of the front landscaping. The only thing left standing from the days of yore is the agave plant, and a smattering of rogue weeds. Did you check out that solar panel? If not, do so now... it powers the fountain inside that pot. This should look better once the boys start growing.

Here's the other side of the landscaping dreamland. Whilst planting, I had a stranger pull over in front of the Mod Pad to ask me about the kind of mulch I use. I like to think that someone is asking me for some landscaping tips. Never happened during the house's pink fuzzy stage above... I only remember the cute girl and her, "Oh my gaaaaaaaaawd" comment as she walked by.

Here's the fountain in sun-powered action!

The rockstar of the right side of our house is this here purple cordyline. Guess it doesn't do well in the winter time so we'll see what happens, but for now it's totally rocking those little groupie plants, and is all, "ladies ladies ladies... give cordy a little room!"


mom said...

I've heard of people talking to their plants, but plants talking to each other? Well, okay, why not? After all, that cordy does seem to have elite class among the other newbies in that fine, spankin' new landscaping. It's a good thing it doesn't have to compete with solar pot on the other side of the house. You never know what might happen when you're not listening if that was the case!!

Annie said...

I like that Twinky look in the "before" photo of your pad.

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