Monday, March 2, 2009

Museums Are Cool

Baldman, wife, Jenn and baby claire all went to the museum yesterday. One of us for the first time. Finally Birth of the Cool is here that I talked about one zillion years ago. Though our docent was so so, the goods they had there were really great. I'm considering going back on some random Thursdays (free day) to see how those Eames cats made such cool stuff, and take some notes. Jenn also broke down this pic above by Karl Benjamin... broke it down as in, "how does one paint that?" She's in the artworld see, so that's her kinda breakdown. The Austinist had some other pretty good pics, including a superad birdhouse they had on display. They didn't let bald guys take pictures however. It's a cruel cruel world out there for baldies. We left as Claire was getting her fuss on, and went outside to catch some skin cancer on top of the pate. I prefer that to cold rain, however.

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