Friday, December 19, 2008

George W vs Bald M

The prez and I have been going some rounds lately. I used to tell Julie that there's no way I'm gonna make it through two terms of George W Bush without him doing me actual physical harm, and most likely death. Well, I never got drafted but I did lose my job due to a struggling economy back in August, and once I found the best job I'd ever had, the economy hit them too, and Baldy has found himself jobless once more. I REALLY liked that job, George. Really. And I just had a baby. And it's the holidays, George. You've won you a couple rounds. Luckily today is 12/21, and if I can hold out for just one more month without being killed, hopefully Mr. Obama will help me out in one way or another... preferably by buying something off my etsy site. Honestly, my table got it this little round of buzz here at Industrial Design Served, here on Kelly Vanhook's site, and on an Etsy Treasury site (which has expired)... assuming it all has to do with Etsy choosing it as part of their Modern Design Gift Guide. I'm down with free advertising. And now I have nothing to do with the time on my hands, except make a table for you, a lamp for you, a wooden skirt for you over there, and anything your heart desires, Mr. President Elect. Anyone who wants to hire a baldman with a couple tools in his garage is welcome to contact this one.

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