Thursday, December 4, 2008


Baldy's been busy... raisin him the next generation. New and improved... with tons of hair!

Please forgive my lack of action. I have another sumpin in the works that'll be up here shortly, but til then, there's this 1.5 min vid of my door thang.


Jennifer said...

Just a few brief comments.

1) That bebe is ridiculous.
2) All those sirens in the background make it sound like your neighborhood is on fire...but you are just going about your door-making bizness.
3) That video is ridiculous.

In my world ridiculous = awesome.

mom said...

Really like the door. You make it look so easy! What great advertisement! BUT......I REALLY LIKE THE BaldmanmodDAD...yeah I noticed...that you're sportin' these days!! Aren't you one blessed fella!!! I want that picture!!

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