Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Manly Wednesday- Mom's Day Edition

My bruthas and sistas, don’t forget yo mammas.

Not sure if your family is like mine, but they are some game playing freaks. I’m not. But this acrylic backgammon set is a good update to the one that’s been in use since 1970.

Moms LOVE guys in grass skirts. Why, just the other day when my mom was buying my dad a grass skirt, it dawned on me that she’d love to have this guy for the dashboard of her car. Luckily, Julie and I are heading to Hawaii this month, so we can get dad a traditional hula skirt.

Has your mom’s dinner bell begun to rust from all those days you made her stand in the rain waving, while you hid under the front porch? Wash your sins away by getting her this nice copper dinner bell.

Sometimes momma could use a shot of hard liquor. She could also use a beefcake in her life… Luckily, my dad’s still holding his beefcake status, but if yours ain’t, here’s the gift that let’s your mom have her cake and drink it too.

1 comment:

Mom said...

Okay, you may be getting this twice. I thought I responded to this blog, but I don't see it posted. I'm done laughing enough to let you know that I am embarrassed by the picture you posted. No...I know that no one would think that I am the old lady mama in the photo. I'm talking about the other one...the one on the glasses. You weren't suppose to share that with the world. That was our family secret! Your dad is embarrassed, too. He hasn't worn those skivvies in forever! He still has them in his drawer for special occasions, though. Can't wait to see what I get for Mother's Day. Your gifts are always the BEST!!! Love you! Mom XOXOXO

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