Monday, February 15, 2010

Bathroom Chronicles, Part One

Observe the master bath. It's this here 5ish by 5ish square foot zone. It's hard to take pictures of because there ain't no room. I take a shower in that tiny area behind that door there. Picture that, ladies.


Please enjoy your dank cavern shower.

It's easier to take pictures of the area when big boys knock out a wall. Unfortunately, the toilet was the newest feature of the bathroom, and it took a sledge to the face.

This area is about 5 feet from where we sleep at night. Julie's freaked out about what is going to crawl into the house and cozy up beside her.

I feel like the morning light is going to look a little nicer when it shines in the bathroom window in a few weeks from now. To be continued...


Deanna... said...

it's gonna be awesome!! Can't wait to see!!

Mom said...

Hey, I know you bought wood to use in your new bathroom, but it looks like you already have some fine lookin' wood there! I can't say I blame Julie about being a little freaked out. Tell her that if she hears the black tarp rustlin', RUN!! XOXO

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