Sunday, December 27, 2009

Place for Coffee... Coins

Yer baldness made him his first commissioned thangs. Got to make a coffee table and side table for this super cool lady I met in the rock and roll circle. Sadly, these pics are from inside our house, instead of her house next to the trillion records and old jukebox.

I did some inlay style stuff with walnut and maple veneer, and slapped it on some purty baltic birch plywood.

The coffee table is actually 4 separate pieces with a slight gap in between each. Attempt one caused the table to implode on itself. I'm no physics genius, but after attempt two, proper supports were in place, and the table stood up proud.

In addition to tablemania, I whipped up this coin collecting type wall hanging doodad. My sister needed her one for a group of fancy coins she's been accumulating. It does require a small balancing act, as too many coins on one side yields a crashing coin conundrum. Anyhoo, anyone who needs a gappy table, or place to put thine olde coin collection lemme know. I'll bang it out with bald hands.


Cheryl said...

You and your work are AMAZING!! I can't imagine finding any furniture as awesome as these tables in any store ever... unless you're making it, of course. How you do it is beyond my conception for sure! That new owner of these tables is SO LUCKY!

Mom said...

Hey, so is Amber! What a cool coin display. Your ideas are endless! Love, Mom

Kayleigh Garner said...

I would suggest using two hangers on the back instead of one picture wire :)

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